You can buy our fresh burgundy truffes in automn. (Minimum 500grs).

Or you can buy at the Domaine our burgundy truffles preserved with Cognac (bocal with 70g of burgundy truffles).

Fresh truffles could be preserved in refrigerator for 10 days in a open box.

With fresh truffles you can cook all dishes, specially all the food contained fat (eggs, butter, cream etc...). The best is short coocking. But don't forget it's preferable to put truffles with dishes about 12hours before to cook, so the truffles will give their best parfum.

Fresh truffles could be preserved in congelator for 6 months.

With truffles preseved in congelator you can cook all dishes, but defroz at the last moment to have a good presentation. Or defroz directly with eggs in omelette for example.

Truffles could be preserved with Cognac.

You can keep many years the truffles with cognac in bocal . If you open the bocal you can take only one truffle and close again the bocal, and keep still many years. With Truffles preserved in Cognac you will cook all the terrines and meat.


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